Maryon's Films

Maryon began her acting career at the age of fourteen. She made several movies at Balboa Studios with Frank Kingsley. Unfortunately these early films are now lost. Here is a list of the other movies she appeared in and links to where you can watch them ...


Up The River ~ Bit part * WATCH IT *


Irene ~ Helen Cheston * WATCH IT *


The Roughneck ~ Marrat's Girl

The Last Man on Earth ~ Red Sal (a print exists in the Museum of Modern Art)

The Siren of Seville ~ Woman in prologue

Star Dust Trail ~ Small role


The Meanest Man in the World ~ Nellie Clarke (this is a lost film)

The Eternal Three ~ Maid (this is a lost film)

Western Ways (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)


The Punctured Prince (Short) ~ A Vampire

The Weak-End Party (Short) Lily, the birthday girl * WATCH IT *

The WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1922 (Short) ~ Herself

Fingers Of Fate (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

The Claim Jumpers (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

His Brother's Blood (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

West Meets East (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

Phantom of the Hills (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

 No Man's Gold (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

Double Reward (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)

The Yellow Streak (Cactus Short with Bob Reeves)


The Vengeance Trail ~ Grace Winwood

Broadway Buckaroo

Montana Bill

The Hick (Short) ~ The Farmer's Daughter * WATCH IT *

The Sportsman (Short) ~ Minor role * WATCH IT *


Pretty Lady (Short)


Yankee Doodle In Berlin ~ Bathing Girl * WATCH IT *

Hearts and Flowers (Short) ~ Bathing Girl * WATCH IT *

Why Beaches Are Popular (Short) ~ Bathing Girl