Marriage To Ross Forrester

On September 22, 1936 Maryon married actor Ross Wilson Forrester, her third husband. They had known each other for more than a decade. Ross was born on October 26, 1898 in Detroit, Michigan. His parents, Charles Forrester and Jane Courthope, had been popular vaudeville performers. Ross's aunt, singer Fanny Marston, was known as the "California nightingale". At the age of three Ross began appearing on stage with his parents. He starred on Broadway in Oliver Twist and toured Europe for several years. Maryon met Ross in 1924 when they costarred in a Los Angeles production of White CollarsRoss also had bit parts in the movies Lady Scarface and The Big Street.

Ross Forrester

During the 1930s he worked on numerous radio shows. After Maryon and Ross got married they both retired from acting. Ross got a job at Hughes Aircraft company. In 1940 the couple were living in a two bedrooom house at 1617 N. Lima Street in Burbank. A few years later Ross and Marion moved in with her parents in Alahambra. They never had children. Ross was with Maryon the night she committed suicide. He later said that he never took her threats of suicide seriously. In 1953 Ross married actress Pauline Garon, who had been one of  Maryon's close friends. Ross died on December 22, 1964 at the age of sixty-six.

Their marriage license